As a Dalit Women My Life in a Caste- Ghetto of Kerala

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Maya Pramod


It is awfully significant to enquire how the lower casts Dalit women have read about socio-economic and cultural aspects of Dalit colony life, that have changed our life and society. I argue that the colonies serve as an index of their inferior social status. It serves more of their ghettoisation than for their empowerment. It further distances them from society and helps to appropriate their labour. This is the continuation of the age-old practice of caste discrimination and deprivation that kept them away from the mainstream while appropriating their labour for the general development of society. This paper focuses on the rereading of social norms which evolved through my probing of the social history of ‘caste colony’ as part of my research, especially in Dalit women.


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Pramod, M. (2020). As a Dalit Women. CASTE / A Global Journal on Social Exclusion, 1(1), 111-124.
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