Enculturalising Casteism in Health Care in India

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Navin Narayan


Immunology depends on culturing technique, practice, and procedure. Society depends on culture. The change in the enculturing technique has always got promoted and accepted, while a change in Indian society is discouraged and not accepted despite claims of change happening. The ‘Society of India’ heavily depends on casteism and ensures all mechanisms for keeping it functional without change. By accepting culturing techniques from immunology, privileged Indian society developed a new technique with the old ethos that may be called ‘culturing casteism’. It has a deep presence in both spheres of health: ‘Sociology of Sufferer’, namely, the healthcare seeker and ‘Sociology of Supremacy’, namely, the healthcare profession and professional. This essay explores the way casteism is cultured in both spheres. The essay’s main aim is to understand and define the existence of casteism in health. The data establishes that the domination of privileged castes exists and is nurturing casteism in health. Privileged castes have captured the whole (health) sector while the dispossessed and deprived have been trying hard to ‘catch’ the care.

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Narayan, N. (2022). Enculturalising Casteism in Health Care in India. CASTE A Global Journal on Social Exclusion, 3(2), 245–262. https://doi.org/10.26812/caste.v3i2.442
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Navin Narayan, ActionAid, Jaipur, India

Programme Manager, ActionAid, Jaipur, India