Indian Media and Caste: Of Politics, Portrayals and Beyond

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Pranjali Kureel


Media industry in India has witnessed hegemony of dominant castes since its very inception. Such hegemony has had a huge impact on our everyday lives and how we come to experience the world. This paper attempts to analyze how caste operates in the media sector, from its composition to content and argues that Indian media has played a catalytic role in inflicting epistemic violence over the oppressed castes as it helps dominant discourses to prevail and shapes popular perceptions and culture. After going over journalism, the paper examines cinema and television as both- a tool of maintaining the status quo and also as a medium of resistance and assertion. An analysis of the feminist discourse in media reveals a linear and somewhat exclusionary approach that bars the agency of Dalit women from media representation. At the end, it explores the power of the Internet with respect to the emerging Ambedkarite voices that are strengthening a liberatory framework while reclaiming their worldview.

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Kureel, P. (2021). Indian Media and Caste: Of Politics, Portrayals and Beyond. CASTE / A Global Journal on Social Exclusion, 2(1), 97-108.
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Pranjali Kureel, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

M.A. Student, Dalit & Tribal Studies and Action, School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai