The Brandeis University Law Journal aims to provide Brandeis University with the opportunity to contribute to discussions of law and law-related topics with the publication of undergraduate scholarship. Each issue of the journal seeks to contribute to the furtherance of Brandeis University’s motto of “truth even unto its innermost parts” through publishing rigorously researched articles and engaging in respectful, thoughtful, and insightful debates.

These six rigorously-edited articles show insightful research and prompt, vital discussions about contemporary issues. The issue is written, edited, and collected by Brandeis University undergraduates and unassociated with any law school. This journal is both a publication and a constant work in progress as we are grounded in an undergraduate academic environment and constantly trying to learn, grow and improve. The articles cover war in the Middle East, states of emergency, Coverture, free speech, contracts, civil rights, and psychedelics.


Published: 2024-05-22